Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ராஜ ராஜ சோழர்

Monday, October 1, 2007

பட்டி மண்டபம் (1)

Pattimandram is a literary debate. These public debates are peculiar to Tamil Nadu. Do other States have such a concept? No. There is mention of pattimandram even in the Thirukkural and Silappadhikaram people thought in the form of discussions then. The opinions of others, even if they went against your own, were valued. In other States, people have been listening to saints and others talk to them, here, they are part of the discussion comments Sudha Seshayyan a professor of medicine and a feted orator.

How does she rate this forum of discussion?

I have stopped attending pattimadrams for nearly 10 years now. I am not very comfortable with the present state of things. It used to be a great format, where you could hear many sides of a coin, but now, in the name of entertainment, it has been reduced to speaking whatever one wants.How long can you continue to talk on the lines of Thaayaa Tharaama? I think we should take it easy for some years, and then bring the pattimandram back, so that it retains its novelty, she feels. Such debates have become synonymous with people yelling into the mike. Is that necessary? Stop yelling at the mike. You don't have to get emotional to make a point. To reach everyone, keep your voice level low and ensure that the content is substantial. Then, people can't ignore what you say.